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A Position of Power

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The Peacemaker and I were discussing power, and the general conclusion that we came to, is that a lot of guys put up a "power" front, but then collapse once they get the phone number. In other words, they act hardcore in front of their boys, and may initially act the same way when they first meet a girl, but once they realize that they have a real shot at the pussy, they start supplicating. So, here are a few guidelines to follow:

Your rules are your rules

If you make a rule, STICK TO IT. The instant you break, the girl will lose a little respect for you. The only exception is when the woman is behaving (i.e. giving you what you want), or she concedes a rule of her own to please you. The instant she starts playing games, you go back to your rule, and let her know that you aren't going to please her if she isn't behaving.

For instance, a girl once asked why I stopped being nice to her. And my reason? She wasn't acting right when she got around her friends. She'd get a little bolder and try running her mouth. I simply was not going to tolerate it.

You do not chase

I don't give a fuck, YOU NEVER CHASE. YOU NEVER CHASE. YOU NEVER CHASE. You call her ONE TIME. And if she doesn't respond? Drop her. I don't care how hard she was sweating your nuts when you got her number. DROP HER. If she ever tries to bullshit about a date, or says she has something else to do on that day. DROP HER. Period. You are not to EVER call back until she contacts you and sets something up.

You do not tolerate disrespect

If she EVER disrespects you, you have two options. You "check" her right there on the spot, or you walk away. Don't put up with her shit just because you think you have a good shot at the pussy. Even if you're already fucking her, you still NEVER tolerate disrespect.

In fact, if she goes "out of bounds" at any point in time, whether it's with you, your friends, or whatever, open your fucking mouth. You don't have to be an ass about it, but a man does not tolerate being disrespected.

Do NOT let her treat you like a simp

All of you guys know what the hell I'm talking about. She agrees to a date, and she shows up with friends, while you happily tag along. She invites you and another guy to her place. DO NOT TAKE THE BAIT! Leave immediately! And when she asks you why you left, tell her that you are not interested in being her "friend".

And most important of all, if that chick isn't on her fucking period, and she lets you spend the night, you better be having sex within a reasonable amount of time. And what is reasonable? The golden rule is the third time. Any more than that, and you're a fucking simp. She'll NEVER let you fuck her. She is fucking playing with you.

Don't be a fucking simp. The instant you let her treat you like one, is the instant she writes you off, and hell, she just might keep leading you on for her own amusement.

Follow the above

Follow the above, and you will get so much more ass. The Peacemaker and I were laughing at guys that chase after girls and stoop down to try to please them. And that's exactly why these women laugh at you and fuck with your heads, while fucking a real man, sometimes even leading you on and letting you think you have an actual shot at sleeping with them.

You can't fake power. You can't display power only part of the time. Women look for consistencies in a man, and you must consistently come from a position of power.

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