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Discussions On Vietnam Women

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Time for another post about my discussions with Vietnam women...
Was talking to a girl I'm having sex with, and we had a casual discussion about her preferences with men. I'm a very secure guy, so she's pretty open about everything with me.

Lets talk about looks, since it is a big source of conflict within the seduction world. In short, she preferred skinny tall guys, specifically with blonde hair and blue eyes. Notice anything? There are two points I'd like to make.

The first being that I obviously don't have blonde hair or blue eyes. So, why did she sleep with me? I am tall and skinny. But at the same time, I also have a lot of other qualities that she likes. My point here, is that you don't have to be a picture perfect guy, as long as you possess some her most important qualities (i.e. being tall and skinny).

I then brought up why she doesn't like buffed out muscle meat head guys. Her answer? "The stereotypes are true.". She said that skinny tall guys have had the biggest dicks, and the buff meat head guys had small dicks, and she followed up with "their muscles make it look like they're trying to overcompensate for the lack of a decent sized penis.".

Again, she is basing this on experience with different types of men. I guess this explains why despite the fact that I'm skinny, some Vietnam women prefer me over the "meat heads".

Moving on, I asked her about a friend of mine. The question I had, was would she date him, and if not, what doesn't she like about him. In short, she said that he simply wasn't physically attractive. His face, in particular. She said his weight didn't bother her that much. In fact, it was just his face.

I then responded with "but I thought looks didn't matter", and then she came with a response that made me ask "now why didn't I consider that?". What was it? "IT DEPENDS ON THE GIRL. If a guy doesn't have a good looking face, I won't date him no matter what.".

The big deal about it (and this post)? It is yet another example of why I have been trying to reinforce CONCEPTS OVER SPECIFICS with you guys. I always tell you guys to focus on my concepts and not my specific words (or steps). Yes, there are generalities about Vietnam women, but you must remember that EVERY woman is different.

Absorb the concepts, but always remember to adjust accordingly. Vietnam women are not robots that do what you want with specific inputs. They are human, and must be thought of accordingly.

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